The different types of tiles :

Small mould clay mechanical tiles:

Often used in our region, they are suitable for new constructions or for refurbishment projects. They are very resistant to harsh weather conditions and have a great life expectancy. They are available in a variety of shapes and colours. (Expl: Monopole N°1, N°3...)

Large mould, clay mechanical tiles:

Ideal for roofs with slight slopes, their large size brings down the number of tiles needed per square metre. Many colours are available

Flat tiles

These are small tiles which are fitted side to side and which have a triple headlock that assures watertightness. They are suitable for steep slope roofs. You may also have tiles with a “flat look” which interlock together. They make fitting easier but still look like flat tiles. Many shapes and colours are available.

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The different types of slates :

Fibercement slates:

They can be used for all styles of roofs. Easy to fit and to handle, they are solid and very resistant to harsh weather conditions. They also have an excellent life expectancy. Different shapes are available.

Naturel Slates :

Naturel slates are a synonym of quality and prestige even though they tend to be more fragile and more expensive than fibercement tiles.

Metal tile sheets:

Used on sloped roofs on new or old constructions, metal tile sheets are metal sheets with a tile design on the top and a layer of thermic insulation on the underside. Many colours are available.

Fiber cement seam sheets:

A long life product, the fiber cement guarantees the watertightness of your construction and at the same time lets it breathe to avoid condensation. The sheets have sound proofing qualities and are resistant to moss. Economical, easy to fit, less maintenance, they can be painted using adequate products or purchased already coloured with mineral pigments.

Corrugated Steel sheets:

For roofs with slight slopes or for flat roofs, garages, warehouses..., these corrugated steel sheets have large or small ridges, with or without insulation on the underside, different colours are available.

Zinc flat roofs

For flat or slight slope roofs, these are largetray shaped sheets of zinc, more aesthetic than corrugated steel sheets, they are ideal for small outbuildings, warehouses or garages.